I lied about the free things, but i got your attention.

This is a placeholder for the  wonderful shop that is currently being worked on by the creator  himself,

For now if you wish to hold in your possession a high quality  reproduction print of any or all of the images on this website, we   advise you to hold audience with the great one, brain to brain, wallet to wallet.

By sending  an electronic message via the tendril   highways of the  interweb you will be granted insight into the wonders of commerce and all the options and blessings our great creator has in 'store' for us.

Please do not hesitate .

If you  after long consideration realize the  shortcomings of your finances but still feel compelled to  devote yourself to our great creator, there is yet another way!

By stroking the symbol below you are  blessed with the virtue of sacrifice, however many drops of coin ( or blood )  you can muster will be channelled  into  the  root chakra  of the glorious one,  and the creative force of  the elder will be reinforced and perpetuated throughout the cosmos.

Creating the universe is a true devourer of time and resources even for the timeless one,  any  sacrifice is virtuous and some will be rewarded with a personalized gift.

Thank you and Praise saturn!


Sacrifice to the creator